What is your cancellation policy?

All trips must be a paid in full or cancelled outside 30 days to receive a full refund. Cancellations inside 30 days will result in a minimum fee of $25 per person and be based on how soon before the date of travel a cancellation is made. If a traveler cancels and they were sharing a room, the room portion will not be refunded unless they find a replacement.

What extras are included in your golf packages?

When booking with us, we include discounts on any of our partner restaurants, VIP passes to some of the best night life in Ocean City, and shuttle services provided by our host properties! All at no extra cost or hidden fees. Ask us about other extras you wish to include such as breakfast!

Do you have golf villas available in Ocean City, Maryland, like every other golf destination on the east coast?

Unfortunately no, however we do have the closest alternative to golf villas in the area.

Do I need to book a replay ahead of time?

If you are considering booking a replay, give us a heads up! As golfing professionals, we consider a variety of variables in every unique golf getaway that can determine whether or not this should be done in advance.

Some of my group members are unable to join us for the full trip. Are you able to customize individual member’s trips within our trip?

Yes! As golfing professionals, we completely understand these kind of scenarios and are more than capable of customizing your golf getaway based on individual needs!

How and when will I receive my travel documents?

Once your trip is paid in full and we have received a rooming list for your group, your will receive an email notification of how and when your travel documents have been issued. The email notification is sent between 30 and 7 days prior to arrival.

How do I add a night or round of golf to my previously booked golf getaway?

If you are interested in adding more days or rounds to your golf getaway, contact us again instead of the hotel or course! Informing us of your new request will ensure that all reservations are kept coordinated and tracked under your group.

Are cart fees included? What about range fees?

Yes, both cart fees and range fees are included in our golf packages.

What will the weather be like during my golf getaway?

Maryland’s Eastern Shore experiences hot, humid summers and cool to mild winters. In between those seasons, expect cooler temperatures roughly around 60 degrees!